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Apr 12, 2010

What Are Unit Statistical Reports

Unit Statistical Report

Data, including losses and payroll by classification, resulting from every workers' compensation insurance policy written in California is reported to the WCIRB in a Unit Statistical Report (USR). These reports, submitted by your insurance company, are the source of the data used by the WCIRB to administer the experience rating system and to publish experience modifications.

When a worker is injured on the job and a workers' compensation claim file is opened, an estimate of the total claim value (present and future) is made by your insurer and is included on the next unit statistical report for your policy filed with the WCIRB. USRs are reported at specific intervals defined in the California Workers' Compensation Uniform Statistical Reporting Plan - 1995.
The first time that a claim is valued for unit statistical reporting is 18 months after the policy inception month. This 18-month value is reported on a "first report" unit statistical report, which must be submitted to the WCIRB two months after the valuation date, or 20 months after the policy inception month. Claims that are still open as of the first report are required to be valued and reported again 12 months later (30-month valuation, due into the WCIRB at 32 months after the policy inception month) on a "second report." This process continues either until all claims are closed or for a total of 10 reports. Generally, only data contained in the first three reports is used for experience rating purposes.

Unit Statistical Reporting
Assumption: Policies begin January 1 each year and end December 31

Date of Policy

18-Month USR Valuation

30-Month USR Valuation

42-Month USR Valuation

54-Month USR Valuation

66-Month USR Valuation

. . .