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Aug 24, 2010

Workers Comp 2011 Rates

What business costs are bugging you in your budgets for 2011?

Were you even thinking that Workers Compensation rates would be an issue worth contemplating?

If you did, good thinking.

The Workers Compensation rating bureau released its 29.6 percent increase and many of you are aware of this, however, are you aware that more than 50 classes of business will face 50 percent increases? Are you also aware that with the new experience rating formula for your ex mod, you could face an even larger than 50 percent net increase?

Are you ready for it? Do you know if your class will be affected by the 50 percent increase?

We have studied the data and the classes most impacted and can answer your questions well in advance of the price changes.

Please call or email me if you would like me to help you analyze what the likely impact will be on you or your client's 2011 Workers Comp rates.

Best as always,

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